Curriculum Design Concept (Child-Centered, Learning from Play)

With the concept of child-centered curriculum design, the teaching curriculum starts from the perspective of children, the needs of children, their existing life experience, interests and abilities are taken into account. Moreover, we pay attention to the comprehensiveness and we balance our curriculum accordingly. Our teachers guide children to discover interesting issues and problems in the theme by selecting themes from children's life which leads students to visit and experience learning in relevant communities. Therefore, students can learn through hands-on operation and direct experience. We also have extended different learning activities to carry out constructive learning in line with children's curiosity and active nature.

Thematic Teaching

Thematic teaching is the main teaching mode implemented at all levels of the school. Teachers also choose a teaching mode designed on a topic closely related to the life of young children. Through teachers' joint lesson planning, meaningful learning content is written by integrating the six learning areas in one theme, and the learning content is comprehensive and balanced to promote the whole-person development in children. After writing the course content, the teachers extend the learning activities with related topics of diversity, so that the children can learn practically and learn happily through games.

Project Approach

Project Approach is carried out with children as the starting point. Teachers will first determine topics based on children's life experiences and interests. In the process of practice, teachers mainly guide children to ask questions, conduct active research, learn to collect data in activities, and conduct more in-depth inquiry learning on the understanding of the theme and concepts. Teachers will empower children and encourage children to actively explore, discover, and research. Children can participate in activities in an autonomous mode, cooperate with each other, and discuss together to learn independently.
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